My Alchemy

Hi my love!


My name is Monica, Creatrix of the things that heal, are pretty, and make you feel good inside out. In the route of the path   I myself and I am loving the process and excited to share what I have learned with the world. 


have always had many jobs and now have found a balance of three things that I do- and want to do well. I am a chef; specializing in Vegan and Gluten Free. I am an artist; getting my hands and heart into all of the things I am curious about. I am a Yogi; I teach from all of my heart and specialize in yoga and meditation for Trauma. I am a daughter, sister, partner, and friend. I thrive off of presence, connection, travel. I live for wisdom, growth, and spreading love... I can’t wait to meet you!


Much love,

Located in WA.

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