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My name is Monica and I am thrilled to be sharing this world with you. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest I have a deep love and respect for Mother Nature in all of her powerful forms. As the world changes, I challenge myself to change with her. Like the seasons, I move freely, intentionally, and invite you to come with me. I spend my time creating, teaching, learning, growing, and doing the things that set my soul on fire and allow me to grow as a human being.


I guide yoga, am a chef, facilitate women's circles, create art, officiate weddings, and am a level 2 practitioner of Reiki. I believe in the power of healing, and have found these tools and experiences to have an incredible impact on my own journey, with that idea in my heart, It is important for me to share. 


How can I be of service? 


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Located in WA.

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