Empowered women empower women and together, we are stronger. 

When women gather, a powerful, sacred, deep connection forms that I believe everyone should experience. We all deserve to feel wild and free, supported and heard. 


Motherbear care

Created to spiritually support and empower the new mother for her journey of birthing and motherhood, showering the mother is a great alternative to a baby shower. Upon arrival the baby is going to be loved so deeply, here we spend time honoring the mother and celebrating her.

Bridal Blessing 

A healthy celebration to pause time and acknowledge the commitment one is taking to say I do. This ceremony could open a Bachlorette party or in lieu of. When we make big changes and cross life thresholds, pausing to reflect, gathering to honor with our closest makes for the memories to be even more special.

Womens Circle

Come to one or create your own!

Let's Connect

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