Mon's Malas 

Cleansed. Blessed. Created with Love. 

Originating thousands of years ago in India; the birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Yoga, the Sanskrit word “Mala” translates to “Meditation Garland”. This piece was made with all of my love with intention to support you in meditation, prayer, and energetic healing.


There are 108 beads on a Mala, a sacred number I encourage you to explore, as well as 1 large bead known as the "Guru bead". To assist our meditation practice and calm our “monkey minds” find a comfortable seat, set a mantra, prayer or intention and begin at the Guru bead and move around 108 times reciting as you move through each bead. You will have made it around 108 times when you arrive back at the Guru.


All crystals worked with with (I like the idea we “work with” crystals not “use”) are natural genuine gemstones that have their own individual healing properties. Please know you do not have to meditate (though you should!) to wear a mala.



...My hands to your heart...

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