Deriving from the word "Union" Yoga is so much more than just poses. In fact there are "8 Limbs" of  yoga and poses or "Asanas" are just one. It is a lifestyle, a mindset, a practice that continues to allow you to be creative, present, and intimate with your mind, body and soul, and it has changed my life.


No two people are the same and no two goals are the same, Yoga is meant for any body, any age, any amount of surgery. Maybe you are looking for flexibility, a calmer mind, strength, a deeper self care practice, connection with self or community- I am happy to guide you on and off your mat. With all of my heart, I believe our bodies are instruments and we owe it to ourselves to master the art of our instrument.



My yoga journey has assisted in establishing my foundation as a human being and I feel as though its not my job but rather my purpose to share it. Teaching has allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the healing transformation that happens when we practice yoga allowing us to feel a sense of freedom, exploration, worth and enrichment in our lives.


 I offer private lessons, group classes, or you can find me at one of the two studios I teach at with the links below! 


All different and challenging in their own way, I encourage you to explore all of the different varieties of yoga.

One of my favorite classes to teach and take, I refer to Yin as nap yoga.

Vibe is set with blankets, bosters, blocks and props, candles and soft music. Yin yoga was developed to penetrate deep into connective tissue expanding flexibility while invigorating the energy centers of the body. The primary differences between Yin Yoga and many other forms of yoga is that you are encouraged to NOT use your muscles and passive poses are held for several minutes.



Let's flow!

Our Vinyasa practice involves one breath one movement. This sequence is uniquely created with a variety of postures - no two classes are the same. It's quickly paced, energetic, fun, and a great way to detox or move through stagnant energy.



Translating to the word "Force" our Hatha practice is 26 poses twice, This is a great way to practice endurance, balance, alignment, and the language of yoga. We find the pose and hold the pose breaking it up to stabilize, align, and breath.



It's okay to not be ready to come to the studio, though, I will always encourage you to try it eventually because of how powerful it is to practice with your community! Together we can set goals, review postures, and practice breathing techniques.


A good reason to gather and a healthy alternative to Happy Hour! Host a yoga party for your birthday, bachlorette/bachlor party, work event.
Or there are the times when we need to breath and tap in to our healing process - if you are having a heavy time in life please know this service is available.


Start the day with presence and intention.


Flow With Me

Located in: Kirkland, WA. 

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